Who is Dania?

Dania Academy of Higher Education is one of the nine regional academies of higher education in Denmark. The academy offers AP Degree (Academy profession) studies in a variety of campuses. There are several campuses located in Grenaa, Hadsten, Hobro, Horsens, Randers, SIlkeborg, Skive and Viborg. If you are an international, you should only have your mind wrapped around Randers and Viborg. These two campuses offer study programs taught in English.

Open in 2009, Dania is constantly gathering nations worldwide through its studies. The teaching methods are always practice oriented in order to ensure that students are actually prepared for the real life after graduation

‘’All our educational programmes are based on knowledge, which takes its departure in interaction and relationships between research, education and the practical. We integrate knowledge and the most central tendencies from our educational programme focus areas, experiences and results from relevant, current and practical trial and development work.’’

Study Programs

  • Marketing Management in Viborg
  • IT Technology in Viborg
  • Automotive Technology in Viborg
  • Marketing Management in Randers
  • BA Top-up Hospitality Management in Randers

After the AP studies, which are equivalent to the first 2 years of a Bachelor Degree, you will have the chance to pursue a Top Up study program. At present, Dania only has a Bachelor in Hospitality Management, but hopefully their future portfolio will be more diverse. Top Up options will be later on discussed.

What is an AP Degree? and what can you do with it once you have it?

Well, the degree is only valid in Denmark and it is said to be useful at hiring. If you want to top it up to a European Bachelor Degree, then you’ll need to pursue the Top Up studies and your diploma will be recognized in the entire Europe. Enrolling for an AP Degree is a good point to start your life in Denmark. It grants you access to even higher studies, as well as the right to reside and work in Denmark.

Afterwards you can simply apply for a Top Up and get the full Bachelor Degree, or you can start fishing the sea for jobs. Although my advice is to keep on going at least for the Top Up in order to have real access to a good job. Who knows, maybe at some point you decide to change countries and then your AP degree won’t count for as much as a Bachelor. Plus, bachelor Top Ups in Denmark last 1 and a half years out of which the last 3-4 months you’ll go for an internship. But more on Top Ups Later 🙂

Stay Tuned! 🙂