An internship in Latvia


Kristena is studying Marketing Management in Campus Viborg. After her theoretical training she decided to search for an internhip in her home country, Latvia. After a rapid search, Kristena landed an incredible work placement with Latvia’s music industry leader Microphone Records. Founded in 1992, the record lable and distribution company has a license agreement for marketing and promoting artists from Virgin Records and EMIGroup

‘’I found my internship fast, but I spend at least 4 hours when I send my applications to companies. Before that, I spend more time just searching for e-mail addresses from companies what i liked. In the end, I sent 66 applications, got answers from approximately 40. Of course, there was a lot of “No, thanks”, but also a lot yes, so i was able to choose what I like’’ says Kristena.

 Kristena has the chance to apply all her theoretical knowledge from her studies and is already involved and trusted with a wide range of important tasks.  One of her recent accomplishments is planning and implementing the Golden Microphone Music Awards. She is extremely excited about the whole process and is eager to get involved into as many activities as possible.

kristena 3

From her lovely desk, Kristena has a message for everyone: ‘’ I hope everybody is enjoying their internships because it is always a wonderful experience to learn something new.’’

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