Ready for the Italian experience


Iuliana is doing her internship in Italy. After 3 semesters of Marketing Management she joined ADR Company (link), arbitration and mediation firm. Iuliana is working with tasks relevant to her education and has been gladly received as one of the employees. She is receiving all the necessary guidance from her supervisor as well from her guidance teacher and she is adapting really well.

The Calabrian company is intending to expand in the near future and as a result, Iuliana’s knowledge and ideas will help the process. She is also working with several accounting tasks, marketing planning and website content rework.

Iuliana is confident that her theoretical knowledge will help her in real life business. ’ I am confident that all I have been taught, will be extremely helpful for my internship. Through project work with several Danish companies I got to combine theory with practice and get a glimpse on the real life business world.’’

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