Communication workshop at Dania

The winning team together with Henrik Stærmose (Racehall) and Simon Lind Fischer (Erhvervsakademi Dania)

The students at Dania in Randers attended an exciting communication workshop featuring Racehall as central piece. Both Danish and international students had to design a new a new, innovative slogan in accordance with the client’s requirements. Henrik Stærmose, co-founder and CEO of Racehall asked the students to find the perfect solution to communicate the desired message: the fact that Racehall isn’t only about gokarts, but also has several other branches attached to the name such as Ski Arena, Voicehall and The Diner.

In groups, the students managed to express their creativity by actually applying their theoretical knowledge in real-life business communication. After deliberation, the winning idea was awarded, while the students were encouraged to follow up and watch their ideas come to life at Racehall.

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