Meet the students from Dania in Randers

1Dania hosted a delightful lunch together with the BA International Hospitality Management students and the AP degree students from the International Hospitality Management study programme in Randers. Potential future students were invited to join the current students in order to have a direct discussion about being a student at these study programmes. The visitors were welcome with joy, valuable information and sandwiches 🙂

321 curios students from the SØK/ SINT programme have joined the informal lunch and talked to 13 representatives from the BA IHM programme. The BA IHM students told them about their experience so far with the programme including the teaching methods, work load , the content of the different modules, the study tours, the different exams, the importance of study group, the pros and cons of being in a mixed international class and their plans for the internship next semester. They did not sugar coat anything but explained about the challenges they have been given so far and accomplished by hard work and collaboration with fellow students and teachers.

2At the end of the event study programme coordinator Camilla Elgaard told them about the application process + the new set-up for 5th semester with all modules taught in both Danish and English – and a lot of other practical details. Including where to find more information at the web site and how to contact me for a meeting.

To learn more about the study programme and about admission contact:

Assistant lecturer and Coordinator