An internship in Viborg

nyhedLigia Ungur, Marketing Management student at Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg is doing her internship at Samson Pumps. The choice of industry, though, sometimes makes the process hard, but the outcome is highly rewarding.

Passionate with Math and Economics, Ligia Ungur sought for an internship that would fit her interests. By using her network, the Romanian student caught the attention of Samson Pumps who immediately accepted to interview her. ”It was an easy process for me to find the internship. The people at Samson Pumps were so nice to me and accepted me as one of their own” says Ligia

Ligia’s educational background is Economics based and during her Marketing Management studies, she was mostly fascinated with Statistics, Financial Analysis, Micro and Macroeconomics, Sales and Negotiation. As a result, the 20-year old student searched for an internship that would help her exercise her favorite subjects.

”My tasks include market research and data analysis, but I am all the time in direct contact with potential customers from the Romanian market and I am carefully keeping track of information in the organization. I am glad that I have the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge I gained during the 3 semesters at Dania. What I learned yesterday, I can apply today! Moreover, it is nice that I get relevant tasks that are close to my preference for scientific subjects”, says Ligia

Hard work and an always-busy agenda

Ligia loves her tasks and the fact that she received the responsibility of many complex tasks. There is a small downside though. Sometimes it can be tricky to work with such an intricate industry. ”There are many technical terms to learn and since I do not have a technical background it was a big challenge at first. Regardless of the complexity of the assignments and their challenging nature, I feel that it is worth it”, explains Ligia.

Moreover, the Romanian student manages to bounce between the internship, the Danish Language School courses and a part time job. ”There is not much time left for sleep and weekends have gained a different value now. Weekdays are made of hard work and an always-busy agenda. I simply think it prepares me for the future career when I will have to work with frequent hard deadlines and deal with challenging tasks”, tells Ligia.

Ligia has adjusted well nd the work environment she is part of helps ease the process. ”Here in Viborg at Samson Pumps we work in a small team and they all helped me adapt. It is nice to work here. It’s hygge!” smiles Ligia.