More international students want to study at Dania in Viborg

Dimission for optometristerThis year, 55 % more international students choose to take their higher education at Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg than last year. Especially Automotive Technology and Marketing Management have already received more applications than last year. 

Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg received 55 % more 1st Priority applicants today than last year.

The two-year education with most candidates is Automotive Technology that has already received 67 % more applications than last year. Marketing Management has already received 42 % more applications to start in September than last year. IT Technology is at exactly the same level as in 2014.

“It makes one glad that so many have chosen to study at Dania. We sense that our to-year education-programme is increasing in popularity among young people. Through our programmes the students develop skills they can use immediately in real life business, and they can always get a top-up in Bachelor studies. That combination tempts a lot,” explains headmaster for all of Dania, Lis Randa.

Overall, 103 people this year have one of Dania’s six international educations as Priority 1 compared to 73 last year. You can still apply the programs by clicking HERE
In total Dania received 18 % more applications than last year.