Indian prodigy, amazed by Dania

Ashish Rana

Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg welcomed Ashish Rana, multiple  award winner from India. Ashish is the winner of Top Talent Denmark- India and visited Denmark as part of his prize. One of his stops was at Dania where he had the opportunity to follow the Automotive Technology study programme.

Ashish Rana, has a Bachelor Degree in Technology and Mechanical Engineering and industrial training at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Aplied Sciences in New Delhi India. Aside from being passionate with technology, the 23-year-old genius is also preoccupied with marketing management. As a result, Ashish signed up for the Top Talent Denmark India Business Challenge, which he won. ‘’The challenge consisted of one multiple choice about Denmark and two essays. In the first essay I had to write about a Danish innovation that could make life in India better, while in the other essay, I had to explain why it should be me the one to win and visit Denmark. It was a complete success! I could not even believe I won. It was in the same month I received an award for Student Innovator of the Year. It was a lucky month and I could not stop smiling’’, explains Ashish.

‘’I felt very welcome in Viborg. I went for a city tour and I experienced the Danish teaching methods. I had the chance to visit the academy and the Automotive Technology workshops. I am truly impressed! The students here have the opportunity to work with hundreds of new cars and specialized measuring and troubleshooting machinery. Everything is up-to-date. It is simply dazzling! I could not believe my eyes. In India, they have these machines only in special factories and no one could go and test them, but the employees’’, says Ashish.

A relevant education and friendly teachers

Ashish Rana visited the Automotive Technology workshop and the Academy in Viborg. During his stay at the academy, Ashish attended some courses in order to experience the teaching methods at Dania. ‘’I took part in a supply chain class and I was surprised to see that the teacher was using relevant examples from today’s business world. His references were entirely relevant and interesting at the same time. What I love about Dania is that everything is oriented towards practice. In India, everything is theory based. Here, teachers are friendly and manage to create a great environment for student. I had the same feeling at the workshop. I was certain I was working with and on the latest technology and this prepares you for today’s demands in the industry’’, says Ashish Rana.

The perfect study environment

In his home country, Ashish continuously felt the pressure of external factors during his education, but he tried to overcome them. ‘’In India I always had to worry about pollution or instability of all kinds. However, I can see that Viborg is quiet and there are no dangers. It is a perfect environment to have an education. You have no worries, everyone is happy and smiling because they do not have to worry about other factors, like in India, for example. I would love to study here. The academy looks very nice and students have all the necessary resources. It is the perfect study environment. What I saw at Dania is unique and if I were a student, I would be very grateful about this’’, smiles Ashish Rana.