High admission rates at Dania

Dania Academy of 17%Higher Education in Denmark is ready to welcome a record number of new students in September 2015. In the past six years, there has been a continuous development in the number of admitted students enabling the organization access to successful growth and improvement.

Dania Academy of Higher Education is experiencing an overall 17% growth in applications in 2015 compared to 2014. The total number of first priority applications has increased to 1251, with 280 representing international first priority applicants. The official admission statistics reveal an increased preference for Danish taught study programmes such as Optometry (BA), Computer Science and Commerce Management, while in terms of international study programmes, the most popular programmes are Marketing Management and IT Technology.

“We are very pleased with the number of applicants. In recent years we have seen an increasing interest in our higher education programmes partly due to the correlation between theory and practice as well as the impact that internships create for students in terms of excellent career opportunities in the private sector”, says Rector Lis Randa of Dania Academy of Higher Education.

An international study environment

Dania is maintaining the tradition of an international environment with 29 different nations represented at the two international campuses in Randers and Viborg. Alongside with the Danish higher education programmes, the five international educations are also subject to growth. 40% more international students have manifested their 1st preference towards studying Marketing Management, Hospitality Management (BA), Automotive Technology, IT Technology or Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Benefits for the national businesses

The increased number of applicants for Dania’s study programmes will also have a positive outcome for the national industries. Therefore, in 2- 3 ½ years’ time, both Danish and international students will become valuable graduates that will contribute to the wellbeing of the society.

”International students create an international study environment, an aspect which is also beneficial for the Danish students due to the fact that it creates many international relations and can therefore bring various benefits to the Danish business’’, explains Lis Randa, Rector of Dania Academy of Higher Education.

The two most popular international programmes are the Marketing Management AP Degree study programme and the IT-Technology AP Degree programme. The new international students are expected to start in the end of August 2015.