Simon will innovate the party industry

Simon BA studentSimon Kristensen is studying International Hospitality Management at Dania in Randers. As many of Dania’s students, Simon has an entrepreneurial drive and wishes to succeed in the business world. With an AP Degree and an innovative idea, he started the Bachelor Degree study programme in Randers.

Simon has been working in the event business for several years and has decided that he needs a boost in terms of skills and competencies. He actively uses the knowledge from Dania in his daily life business.  “I want to grow my company bigger, and I use the theory already. Network, competencies in leadership and hospitality are all subjects in the Top-up study programme I am studying. I think they are very important subjects and I use the knowledge already in my business,” Simon explains.

The bachelor student used to work in consulting where he developed better communication within the organization. Now he and his partner have started a new business and hope to revolutionize the party industry. ‘’ With my new partner I have made a game plan for the future. I start here, but I will deliver around in Jutland. If you have a good brand in one town, it will spread. I use the consumer insights from the mobile disco business to help me optimize my business ’’ says Simon.

The International Hospitality Management student already has an overview on his new innovative venture. ‘’The business is meant to deliver mobile bars and waiters /cocktail shakers and most of the order is to be found on our website. We intend to deliver to private parties and can fit up to 150 guests.”

Simon is confident with his idea and with the competencies he has gained throughout his studies and business experience. “I like the feeling and passion of creating and being innovative. We have a strategy for where we want to go and what we want to be and this is the most important thing”