Speed-dating at Dania in Viborg

Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg is organizing a speed-dating event for companies and students. Both international and Danish students are invited to participate to the event on September 16 2015.

The event is due to last from 8 – 10, while students can talk to companies about the possibility of an internship. The aim of the venue is to create a link between the current students and the business world.

For companies

All students at Dania Academy of Higher Education must complete a three-month internship as part of their studies in their 4th semester. Students have the option of undergoing their traineeship in Denmark or abroad on a fulltime basis. Students from Marketing Management, IT- Technology, Automotive Technology and Administration Management will participate tot the event.

Should you be interested in participating at Dania’s event, please contact one of the coordinators. Registrations must be sent no later than September 9.