Study start at Dania in Viborg

DSC_0087After opening its doors in Randers, Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg has also welcomed the new students. Almost 160 students filled the auditorium for a welcoming ceremony together with their teachers and coordinators. 

It is not the first time the new students meet each other.  For the past two weeks, all students have participated to brush-up courses in Mathematics and Economics, because they come with a wide variety of educational backgrounds. The courses are not only meant to refresh or strengthen the students’ knowledge, but also to create a connection between them before the official study start. ‘’I am so glad that the school has finally started. I really enjoy being here and it is easy for me in the first day, as I already know some of my classmates from the previous course we had’’, says Remus Manolache, first year IT-Technology student.

Excited to meet their teachers, the new international students have gathered in the Campus’ auditorium. A wide range of information has been presented with the aim of easing the accommodation process. After having heard the generalities, the students were also told about the opportunity of attending the Language school in Viborg. This chance is offered free of charge and takes place in the building’s premises allowing continuity to the regular study day.

Moreover, as a tradition, all study programmes have tutors and ‘’buddies’’ willing to help at any time. ‘’I enjoy the idea of being a buddy for the students. I have hoped to be chosen for this position since I came here and I met my buddies. Now I have the chance to help the new students with practicalities and as a result I get to know people and socialize’’, smiles Georgiana Mitronici, second year Marketing student at Dania.

Filled with information, 100 new students are ready to start their first semester at Dania Academy of Higher Education. If you want to know more about the available study programmes, click here or contact