”An experience that beats any Google search”

Dania Academy of Higher Education in Denmark was the host of 48 international students from Lithuania in October. The enthusiastic visitors spent a couple of days in the two international campuses located in Randers and Viborg and had the chance to experience the Dania way of studying. The Lithuanian students not only had a glimpse into the study atmosphere, but also into the campus’ environment and the Danish way of life.


”This visit is meant to show the students how an education in Denmark really looks like. Of course, they can find information about it online, but they would never get the same experience as being here. I think they will all benefit from this visit. Seeing how the daily classes go, as well as meeting other students gives us all a valuable perspective. Usually that kind of experience beats any Google search’’, explains Nelis Kesa,trip supervisor from Kastu International agency.
The international department and the lecturers greeted the international students who had traveled for two days to get to Denmark. “It is great that young Lithuanians take the opportunity to explore study abroad possibilities in Denmark. This shows commitment already at a young age towards future career possibilities. One of the best choices you can take regarding your future education is to do it internationally and in this way increase your employability as a future global citizen. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to meet and welcome young people – showing them the possibilities of studying internationally in a country like Denmark’’, explains Lise Bøgild-Jakobsen, Head of International Department at Dania.
Although tired, the visitors managed to be involved in the many activities prepared specially for them. The students, accompanied by a trip supervisor from Kastu International had the opportunity to see the two international campuses and attend courses as well as workshops. After the formal activities, with the help of current Dania students, the international visitors visited the dormitories following a tour of the city.

A hands-on experience

Benas Jokubauskis is one of the students who attended the visit. He lives in Klaipėda and came to Denmark with a positive attitude and an international mindset. Benas has joined the trip to Denmark after he had previously experienced a Scandinavian summer in Norway and just before going on an exchange program in Romania.

”I am in my final high school year and I must face some serious decisions. I am very interested in Automotive Technology as well as in Energy studies. I would see myself working in such powerful industries. I am carefully looking at my options, which is reason why I came to Denmark. Hearing about this technical programme at Dania, I became interested and curious in what it could offer. I wanted to see it with my own eyes that studying in Denmark can be great. We just visited the car workshops and I am impressed with what I saw in terms of technology and facilities’’, smiles Benas.

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