Career Day at Dania

Career Day ViborgDania Academy of Higher Education was the host of a two-day Career event in both international campuses. International representatives from the Netherlands, the UK, Norway and Denmark were present at the venue, to tell students about the possibilities of going abroad after their studies.

‘’I am pleasantly surprised by the number of students present today and about their interest in going abroad. It is not my first time at Dania. I have been here before to talk to students about internships abroad. I like coming here because of all the great energy I get from the students. They are so enthusiastic about what an experience abroad would mean for their future,’’ explains Mickey Kromann-Jensen, founder and international consultant at StudySEA.

Both international and Danish students had the chance to listen to insightful presentations from:

NHTV- Breda (The Netherelands)

Sheffield Hallam Univeristy (The UK)

Hardstad University College (Norway)

EDU Danmark

Griffith College (Ireland)



Business Academy Aarhus

As the representative of Griffith College from Ireland, Catherine Papin explains: ‘’I believe that increasing our number of international students will be highly beneficial for both the university and the local students. Watching cultures blend is always a delight. International students have so many good things to offer and so do we at Griffith.’’

‘’It is great that universities and organizations from Denmark and abroad come to Dania to open our students’ eyes to the world of study opportunities they have after they graduate here’’ says Flemming Andersen, Head of Mobility at Dania Academy of Higher Education, Denmark.

National academies have also been present at the event. ‘’We experienced some great energy here at Dania and we were pleased with the fact that so many students were already well prepared with questions. They really seem to take their future seriously. ,’’ smiles Mihaela Serban student assistant at UCN.