Student Life


 Student life in Viborg can take as many shades as possible. Depending on the way you are used to live, depending on your preferences, personality and so on you can definitely find your own way of enjoying yourself.

Viborg DenmarkThere are plenty of options at least at the beginning. Starting with the geographical position for example. You’re on hour away from almost all important Danish cities. On a 10 km radius you can find wondeful pieces of nature such as Hald Ege with the wonderful forests, lake and famous ice cream shop. Or better try going at the Fjord in Hjarbæk, the forests/picnic areas in the Royal trail through Undallslund

If you are into outdoor activities, 545861_359169370792650_2062204200_nyou can enjoy long bike rides all over the country…Bike lanes are all over the place! Yes, even in the woods and yes again, they are all publicly illuminated! Neat offroad tracks are also available for those up for the adventure. Then there’s Geocaching and fortunately Denmark’s geocachers have been quite generous with placing treasures. 🙂 Don’t have a GPS? Rent it from the local tourist office or just use a geocaching mobile app 🙂

daniaIf you are more keen on indoor activities, Campus Viborg is open 24/7 with student ID access. Ping pong tables, a gym, music room, study rooms and many more are available at any time. Moreover, Campus Viborg just got a facelift and the place looks more like a lounge.


The nightlife is more or less prominent. There are a few late night clubs that regularly organize events or fests. There’s also the passion for handball and football. Regularly, Danes gather for all sorts of sports events and they are really passionate about it. The stadion and sports arena are 2 minutes away from the Campus while gyms and fitness centres are extremely popular (there’re more gyms than pharmacies in a small town like Viborg).

Otherwise, shops close at 17:00 during the week and if you are lucky, you might find something open until 13:00 on a Saturday. Supermarket and hypermarket chains are open usually until 22:00 even in weekends and holidays. Burger King and Sunset Bullevard alonside with McDonalds are on top of the big brand list, but Asian restaurants are extremely popular as well. With their lunch adn evening buffet at really cheap prices and with fresh, great quality food, grabbing a spot in a restaurant like The Chinese Wall may sometimes be tricky!  🙂

Every Wednesday we visit the Tuesday evening Loppemarked or Flea Market where you can find everything and anything almost for free 🙂 Otherwise there are several Red Cross/Blue Cross and Church’s Second Hand stores for you to visit 🙂