Weird Danish Christmas traditions

Each culture has, of course its own holiday traditions. While some are family oriented or mostly formal, in other cultures, holidays have their own ”color”. Danish Christmas is no exception as some may say that some of the customs do make sense, but only for Danes. 🙂
So take a scroll down Denmark’s Christmas lane an see if you can identify yourself with the Danish Christmas ‘hygge’


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Career Day at Dania

Career Day ViborgDania Academy of Higher Education was the host of a two-day Career event in both international campuses. International representatives from the Netherlands, the UK, Norway and Denmark were present at the venue, to tell students about the possibilities of going abroad after their studies.

‘’I am pleasantly surprised by the number of students present today and about their interest in going abroad. It is not my first time at Dania. I have been here before to talk to students about internships abroad. I like coming here because of all the great energy I get from the students. They are so enthusiastic about what an experience abroad would mean for their future,’’ explains Mickey Kromann-Jensen, founder and international consultant at StudySEA.

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”An experience that beats any Google search”

Dania Academy of Higher Education in Denmark was the host of 48 international students from Lithuania in October. The enthusiastic visitors spent a couple of days in the two international campuses located in Randers and Viborg and had the chance to experience the Dania way of studying. The Lithuanian students not only had a glimpse into the study atmosphere, but also into the campus’ environment and the Danish way of life.