An internship in Viborg

nyhedLigia Ungur, Marketing Management student at Dania Academy of Higher Education in Viborg is doing her internship at Samson Pumps. The choice of industry, though, sometimes makes the process hard, but the outcome is highly rewarding.

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Ready for the Italian experience


Iuliana is doing her internship in Italy. After 3 semesters of Marketing Management she joined ADR Company (link), arbitration and mediation firm. Iuliana is working with tasks relevant to her education and has been gladly received as one of the employees. She is receiving all the necessary guidance from her supervisor as well from her guidance teacher and she is adapting really well.

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An internship in Latvia


Kristena is studying Marketing Management in Campus Viborg. After her theoretical training she decided to search for an internhip in her home country, Latvia. After a rapid search, Kristena landed an incredible work placement with Latvia’s music industry leader Microphone Records. Founded in 1992, the record lable and distribution company has a license agreement for marketing and promoting artists from Virgin Records and EMIGroup Continue reading