Accomodation with a view in Viborg

Here are some photos from the new accomodation facilities in Viborg. The appartments are located in the city’s most beautiful area, having the central park and the 2 lakes as their own garden!

Imagine having to wake up every morning with a beautiful lake view, having to walk to school through the park seeing all the nature and lovely swans and to be able to relax and study outside in your garden or out on the grass in the park!


Dania Graduation 2016

A big congrats to all Dania graduates! You can see and download the photos here:

Join Dania’s Buddy program

What is the buddy program? The Buddy program is designed to meet international students demand for better integration to living in Randers. Dania wants the international students to feel “at home abroad” and integrate them internally in Dania with Danish students as well as externally with businesses and the community. The program is also intended to provide international students with a better foundation and to help them build a career in Denmark.

by Simon Lind Fischer, lecturer
Dania’s primary objective of the project is:

– that a greater percentage of international students will complete the program, participate more actively in class, feel less homesick (studies show about 30% experiencing culture shock), find Danish internships and student jobs and contribute to Danish society after graduation.

Secondary, but still important objective of the project for Dania are:

– Providing Dania’s values in practice
– Contribute to a better PR and branding of Dania to both international students and other stakeholders
– To give Danish students to become buddies and thus get the internationalization of their CV without having to leave Randers

Who can apply to become a Buddy?

– All Dania’s students, both Danish and international
– It could also be former students (alumni) who now work in the profession

Why become a buddy?

– Get an international network as well as socialize with other buddies
– Get relevant skills on your CV
– Become a priority of the international department when you apply for activities such as for instance Summer School, etc.

What are buddies in charge of?

– An event per month for his/her four students: it can be anything from picking them from the bus/train station / airport, invite them to a party, to the gym, on a picnic or cook together (cooking together has proven to be something that builds links)
– Be contactable and show sincere interest in his/her students


Future students can find out more about the Buddy Programme on our Practicalities Page HERE.

Dania joined the Travelbird Scholarship Program – 3000 EURO Scholarship Prize

Scholarship-Program-travelbirdThe program consists in a competition for students, which give them an opportunity to spend a 3 to 6 months internship in TravelBird, which is located inAmsterdam, and has more than 30 nationalities currently employed. We have a wide range of possible work tasks for this internship, which means that the winner will have a variety of challenges relevant for that persons study programme.

Furthermore, we will provide the student with a 3.000 EUR scholarship, supported by another 350 EUR every month, as a contribution to the costs involved in moving to another country.  Continue reading

Weird Danish Christmas traditions

Each culture has, of course its own holiday traditions. While some are family oriented or mostly formal, in other cultures, holidays have their own ”color”. Danish Christmas is no exception as some may say that some of the customs do make sense, but only for Danes. 🙂
So take a scroll down Denmark’s Christmas lane an see if you can identify yourself with the Danish Christmas ‘hygge’


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